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Story of our School

School CrestThe History of the Rideau Crest

Our crest has two colours, green and gold, which identify Rideau District High School.

In the top section of the crest, there is a curtain, which represents the meaning of the French word “Rideau”, the name of our school district. The Latin word for curtain is “Aulaeum”, which was the name chosen for the yearbook.

The four emblazed stars symbolize each of the original four schools which make up the district:  Elgin, Lyndhurst, Seeley’s Bay and Westport.

At the top left, a lamp signifies learning and on the right, the wreath of laurel can be found, which is a time-honoured symbol of achievement.  During early Olympic games in Greece, men participated in many forms of competition including arts and sports, not to win awards of money, but to win honour and glory for their country.  The only material award for their great accomplishments was the laurel wreath.

A lion, which represents kingly virtues, strength of body, greatness, character, generosity and courage, can be found in the lower section of the crest.

The base scroll contains the Latin words, “Vincit Omnia Veritas” which in English mean “Truth Conquers All” or more literally, “Truth Prevails”.

The Rideau Crest was designed in 1961 by Isabel McLeod, wife of the first Principal of Rideau, J. Colin McLeod.

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